Wine and Nature

Theme 1
Session: How consumers perceive environmental responsibility strategies for winemaking.

Promoting wine as a product with a natural origin should include proposals for protecting the environment, namely, strategies directed at environmental accountability. The subject in question is the continued use of classical production methods and, at the other extreme, the chain of value by which consumers’ attention is increasingly drawn to the entire winemaking sector’s role in safeguarding the environment. Topics of discussion shall include the ecological footprint, functional and genetic biodiversity, as well as climate change.

Theme 2
Panel discussion: Examples of environmental responsibility strategies.

The presentation of cases regarding the successful implementation of strategies directed at safeguarding the environment in the winemaking sector will provide a valuable contribution to the practical understanding of the theme, as well as a stimulus for dissemination information regarding these strategies throughout the sector. Two international cases – from Spain and South Africa – and two Portuguese cases – from the Douro and from the Vinho Verde Regions – will be presented and discussed with those responsible for their implementation.